Microblading and Powder Shading fundamentals course for beginners

I have developed a 3 day intense course that will help any beginner master the art of perfect natural and undetectable brows.

This Class includes theory and practice so that students do not leave with just knowledge, but with tested skill and a hands on experience.

The Beauty Mark TC is one of the few Permanent Makeup training courses that offers additional hands-on training after the certificate completion to students. This truly assists students in being successful as a beginner artist as well as a new entrepreneur.

30/60/90 Day Apprenticeship for Graduates of Microblading and Shading fundamentals course ONLY: All students have the option to sign up for an apprenticeship after the completion of their course. This allows a new PMU artist the ability to practice their new craft safely and legally with minimal start up costs as a new entrepreneur. Students May return to The Beauty Mark TC Salon Suite by appointment to shadow, practice and continue to learn during the duration of their 30/60/90 days. 

3 Day Fundamentals Course Price $2,500 
$500 non-refundable Deposit required upon booking
Reoccurring Payment Plans are an option. Must be paid in full prior your scheduled class date. Please contact for more information.
27 Hours of Lecture, demonstrations and practical experience, live Model during the course.


Individual approach allows me as the instructor to spend quality time with you as the student to answer any questions and revisit topics as necessary.


Blood Borne Pathogen Certification
Tattoo license

(Upon deposit for this course you will receive instructions on how to obtain these documents for an additional small fee required by the state) Once these documents are in hand you and I are both in compliance with the department of health and will receive further instructions for your scheduled 3 day intensive course.


Every student will receive a professional start up kit that includes all of my favorite tools and name brands of this industry to achieve and succeed! Enough equipment to complete 20 live models! Valued at $500


After course completion, I will be open to lifetime communicative support. Every student will also have the option to sign up to a 30/60/90 apprenticeship.

Receive 2 shadow days a week (watch and absorb what Tanisha does from start to finish on every client)

Receive answers to all questions that may arise

Every Monday bring your models to work on with step by step guidance by Tanisha

Gain the confidence you need to preform your services with excellence 


Reoccurring payment plans with the option to pay weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Please contact for more information.

30 Day Apprenticeship: $500 plus $50 per live Model

60 Day Apprenticeship: $700 ($300 savings) plus $50 per live Model

90 Day Apprenticeship: $1,000 ($500 savings) plus $50 per live Model 

Learn how to take quality photos of before and after to earn your future clients trust.

 Your PRO kit includes:

Cosmetic tattoo rotary machine


Color chart

Needle cartridge (different diameters and configurations)

Blades and handles

´╗┐Applicators kit

Topical Numbing products

Brow design products for mapping measuring and shaping brows

Ink holders pigment cups and or rings

Protective supplies

Example Aftercare kits

Course Manual and much more!

What you will Learn:

1. How to perform cosmetic tattooing in modern bladed and pixelated way

2. How to create the perfect shape and not lose it during the first pass

3. How to understand different techniques and choose the right one for every clients goals

4. Color theory and how to pick the perfect color every time

5. Tips and tricks for a successful artist selling portfolio

6. Correct depth and pressure to create beautiful crisp strokes and pixelated shading without causing swelling or scar tissue

Classes will be held Friday to Sunday 9am-6pm by appointment only at The Beauty Mark TC Salon Suite.


10676 Bloomingdale Ave Suite 4, Riverview FL 33578